How can I get an application? Fill out and submit the University of California (UC) online application. Graduate level applicants can read more about the process here. If you are a prospective undergraduate student, please read our general guide.

When should I apply? For fall quarter, which begins in late September, you must apply during the previous November. For example, applicants for Fall Quarter 2014 must have submitted their applications by November 30, 2013.

Winter quarters: UCLA is not open to new students for winter quarters.

Spring quarters: UCLA is not open to new students for spring quarters.

What are the average GPA and test scores for freshmen admitted to UCLA? These statistics and many more are available on our Freshman Profile page [note: need to create this page]. This is often the first question prospective freshmen ask us. Many students instinctively focus on GPA and test scores without fully understanding how these numbers are used in our admission process. These statistics are only two of the elements we use in our academic review. We carefully balance many factors to gain a complete sense of an applicant's achievements.

Here are some of the additional criteria we will use to evaluate your application:

  • The quality, content, and level of college prep courses you have taken throughout your entire high school program, especially coursework completed beyond the minimum courses required for eligibility to the University of California.
  • The strength of your senior year coursework.
  • The number of and performance in Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), school-designated honors, and college courses you have taken, particularly in your junior and senior years.
  • The degree to which you have challenged yourself within the context of your own high school.

As you can see, GPA and test scores are just two of the elements we will examine within the larger context of your academic achievements.

How can I find about free events and seminars hosted by the Center for Biological Physics?

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