The UCLA CSUDH Scientific Exchange Program

Welcome to UCDHX!

The center for biological physics in collaboration with the department of physics at California State University, Dominguez Hills has created an opportunity for CSUDH students to work on original research in soft condensed matter and biological physics in collaboration with UCLA faculty. 

A. There are research opportunities to work in theory, simulation, and experiment in the following areas:

1) Physical virology

2) Neural dynamics

3) The mechanics of the cytoskeleton

4) Population dynamics and evolution

5) The mechanics of the cell nucleus

6) Single molecule biophysics

7) The nonlinear dynamics of hearing 

And more. 

Please browse the research pages of our member faculty for other ideas.   This program is open to all CSUDH physics students in good standing. In most cases, however, we expect the students to have already begun their upper division physics courses. If you have any questions about your eligibility, please contact Professor John Price at (Professor John Price) (CSUDH)  or Professor Alex Levine at (Professor Alex Levine) (UCLA).  

Students will be expected to present their work at a UCDHX research conference to be held in June 2017.  Look for more information about the conference here. (To be added later)

B.  Student Support:

The center for biological physics will provide funds to CSUDH students in the program to help cover the costs of travel and parking at UCLA.   The center will also provide some research funds to be used in the UCLA labs. 

C.  How to apply

Please fill out this form to apply to the UCLA CSUDH Scientific Exchange Program.

D.  Questions or comments

If you have any questions about how to apply, what research positions are available, how to get to UCLA, or anything else, please email Alex Levine at (Alex Levine) or call at 310-794-4436