Yaroslav Tserkovnyak

Yaroslav Tserkovnyak 
Knudsen Hall 6-137C

Yaroslav Tserkovnyak completed his Ph.D. in physics at Harvard University in 2003. Following a stint as a Harvard Junior Fellow, he has been on the faculty at the University of California, Los Angeles, since 2006. His main interests are the theory of quantum transport and nonequilibrium dynamics in magnetic, spintronic, and low-dimensional systems, both in the solid state and other complex media (such as biological membranes).

2003 Ph.D., Harvard University 2003-2006
Harvard Junior Fellow 2006-2009
Assistant Professor, UCLA 2009-present
Associate Professor, UCLA

Macrospin Tunneling and Magnetopolaritons with Nanomechanical Interference A. A. Kovalev, L. X. Hayden, G. E. W. Bauer, and Y. Tserkovnyak, Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 147203 (2011) (Editors’ Suggestion and Viewpoint in Physics) Alexey A. Kovalev, Lorien X. Hayden, Gerrit E. W. Bauer, Yaroslav Tserkovnyak
Abstract: We theoretically address the quantum dynamics of a nanomechanical resonator coupled to the macrospin of a magnetic nanoparticle by both instanton and perturbative approaches. We demonstrate suppression of the tunneling between opposite magnetizations and destruction of magnetopolaritons (coherent magnetomechanical oscillations) by nanomechanical interference. The predictions can be verified experimentally by a molecular magnet attached to a nanomechanical bridge.
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Research category: Nonequilibrium physics