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Paper: Should All Crystals Be bcc? Landau Theory of Solidification and Crystal Nucleation

Authors: S.Alexander, J.McTague

Publication: Physical Review Letters, 41 10, Septmber, 4, 1978

Presenter: Alec Stein

Date: March, 22, 2017

Description: : The authors give an argument for why, upon cooling from a liquid to a solid, all solids should pass through a bcc phase (provided the "first-order-ness" of the transition is sufficiently weak.)


Paper: Fluctuations of dynamical scaling indices in nonlinear systems
Authors: Jean-Pierre Eckmann and Itamar Procaccia
Publication: Physical Review Letters A, 34, 659 (1986)
Presenter: Lu Shen
Date: October 6, 2016
Description: This paper is as a continuation of his previous talk, deriving how the Lyapunov exponents enter the invariant probability measure exactly for non-equilibrium chaotic systems , based on the strange attractor argument and fractal dimension scaling hypothesis.
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Paper: Probability of Second Law Violations in Shearing Steady States
Authors: D.J. Evans, E.G.D. Cohen, G.P. Evans
Publication: Physical Review Letters 71, Number 15, 2401 (1993).
Presenter: Lu Shen
Date: September 13, 2016
Description: This paper proposed an alternate formula and a non-equilibrium physical system(shearing fluid) to perform a measurable numerical test on the natural invariant measure which the authors showed in their earlier works. The authors have obtained a probability ratio for the reversed sign shear stress. They found out that in such a non-equilibrium system, when the shearing stress is opposite to the direction of the imposed fixed shear rate, the second law of thermodynamics is violated.
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Paper: Steady-State Thermodynamics of Langevin Systems
Authors: Takahiro Hatano and Shin-ichi Sasa
Publication: Physical Review Letters 86, Number 16, 3463 (2001).
Presenter: Alex Levine
Date: August 30, 2016
Description: The authors propose and derive an analog of the second law of thermodynamics applicable to nonequilibrium steady-states. Certain conditions for validity are discussed.
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Paper: Self-consistent Theory of Polymerized Membranes
Authors: Pierre Le Doussal and Leo Radzihovsky 
Publication: Physical Review Letters 69, 1209 (1992).
Presenter: Christian Vaca 
Time/Date: Tuesday 4pm October 7, 2014 in Geology 4606

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