Tom Chou

Tom Chou
Deptartment of Biomathematics
University of California Los Angeles
Life Sciences 5209
Los Angeles
CA 90095-1766
Lab: (310)-206-2787
I am interested in developing mathematical and physical models of stochastic processes applicable to subcellular and cellular biophysics. Some mathematically more formal research interests include determining uniqueness of stochastic inverse problems, such as branching processes. My applied research interests focus on developing mathematical models of viral entry and infection, cancer progression, and retinal detachments. My group is also investigating computational algorithms for the segmentation of images of tissues and bacterial cells.

1985-1989 S.B. Chemistry, MIT
1989-1995 Ph.D. Physics, Harvard
1995-1996 Postdoctoral Associate, Physics, Cornell
1996-1998 Postdoctoral Fellow, DAMTP, Cambridge University, UK
1998-2000 Instructor, Mathematics, Stanford
2000-2005 Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biomathematics, UCLA
2005-2009 Associate Professor, Depts. of Biomathematics and Mathematics, UCLA
2009- Professor, Depts. of Biomathematics and Mathematics, UCLA